10 Surprisingly Strict Rules Every Princess Is Forced To Follow

Many little girls out there have dreamed of becoming a princess when they grow up. However, being a real princess these days takes a lot more than just looking the part. These 10 rules may be a bit surprising, but do show the royal women out there a whole lot more.


1. Learn As Many Languages As Possible

Princesses have to know many languages. When they visit diplomats from other countries, they can have at least most of the conversation in their native tongue.


2. Give Up Your Voting Rights

At least in England, that is. When you become a princess, there's no more voting if you want to remain in the country's good graces.


3. Give Up Your Wild Side

A princess is most likely not to cause much trouble. There aren't to be any scandals, no matter how small, coming from her or her family.


4. Prepare For A Life Of Formalities

Nicknames are not allowed in the royal palace. You better get used to being called "Her Royal Highness the Princess ____ of ____."


5. Stay Impeccably Groomed

Princess Kate goes to the salon at least three times a week for a blowout on top of haircuts and stylings. She's never caught in a bad moment.


6. Live By The Queen's Household Rules

The queen dictates many little things that go on in the daily lives of the royal family. For instance, everyone has to stop eating as soon as the Queen is finished with her dinner.


7. Go To The Best Schools And Events

Anyone expecting to be a princess had to get herself accepted to the best schools. It also looks much better for a princess to be well-educated, as she holds such a place of high importance in society.


8. Give Up Any Other Career Path

Being a princess is a full-time job, and it is expected to stay that way. Princess Kate has a degree in art history, but she's a full-time princess now.


9. Skip Running For Office

A princess is a representation of the whole country already, and running for a political office with a particular party would create a divide.


10. Find Causes You Care About

Most princesses find one or two causes that they truly care about and work toward making improvements in those areas.

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