12 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump You Don't Know

Brash billionaire Donald Trump has lived a long and colorful life. Although he has been a fixture in business, media, and entertainment for years, these 12 facts will surprise you.


1. Trump filed for bankruptcy four times

In 1991, Trump Plaza went through Chapter 11 bankruptcy and followed the same path in 1992. Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts and Trump Entertainment went bankrupt in 2004 and 2009 respectively.


2. Trump once dated Anna Nicole Smith

Between his first two marriages, Trump supposedly dated model and celebrity Anna Nicole Smith. There are photos of the two together, but his relationship was likely little more than a fling.


3. Trump abstains completely from alcohol

While Trump's casinos and hotels may be flowing with an endless supply of alcohol, Trump stated that he has been teetotal his entire life. He doesn't smoke nor does he do drugs.


4. Trump hit it big with "The Apprentice"

In 2004, Trump became the star and the executive director of the NBC reality show "The Apprentice" which was so successful that a new format called "The Celebrity Apprentice" was launched.


5. Trump shaved WWE owner McMahon's head

During the "Battle of the Billionaires," Trump and McMahon made a bet in which if their nominated representative lost the wrestling match one of the two would have to shave his head. Clearly, Trump won the bet.


6. Trump claims he's never used an ATM

In the show "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" Trump claimed that he had never used an ATM. Does he have assistants taking care of these things, or is it just that he needs to go directly into the bank to withdraw large sums of cash?


7. Trump previously owned a football team

Reportedly, Trump bought a USFL football team for $9 million in 1983, and it became the one of the best in the USFL. However, a few years later, the spring football league ceased to exist.


8. Trump is a social media fanatic

Trump loves to stay involved in social media. He reportedly sends about 372 tweets each month. He's also prominent on other social media platforms with millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Vine.


9. Trump owned 14,000 apartments at 27

Trump supposedly took a small $1 million "loan" from his father to start his ventures. When he was 27, the real estate tycoon owned 14,000 apartments located in Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn.


10. Trump has a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He became the 2,327th star to receive the honor due to his role in "The Apprentice."


11. Trump even had his own board game

Trump had his own board game from the 80's. 15 years later an updated version of the game was released with the phrase "I'm back and you're fired!" Reviews stated that it's similar to Monopoly.


12. Trump's mastered the art of the deal & the lawsuit

Over the years Trump has filed a number of lawsuits. The typical one is against J. Taikwok Yung over domain names that included the word "trump" in them.

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