12 Super Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds For Busy Or Lazy People

If you have always longed to have a canine pet but don't want the hassle of grooming, training, and poop-scooping, then think again. Here are 12 low maintenance dog breeds that are relatively easy to take care of.

1. Chihuahua

As one of the tiniest canines in the world weighing only 4-6 pounds, Chihuahua is easy to look after. They need less space, minimal grooming and little training and exercise. Most Chihuahuas are also relatively healthy and live longer than most (10-18 years).

2. Dachshund

These small dachshunds have 3 varieties in term of their coat - long, short and wiry haired. They are great couch buddies and requires minimal grooming due to little shedding. They need less space, little training and exercise, too.


3. Beagle

This medium sized dog breed is an excellent family dog as they are gentle, faithful and friendly. Beagles are shorthaired and shed little, so you may not have to go in for elaborate grooming and combing. They are easy to deal with and train, too.

4. Miniature Pinscher

This short haired breed is playful, amiable and generally healthy. They require only occasional brushing and minimal bathing. You don't even have to feed them that much, making them easier on your wallet too.


5. Pug

This lovely breed hails from China and is docile and charming. Their short hair makes them low maintenance without many grooming needs. Pugs are small so they need less space for movements, and exercise to them is moving from one cushion to another.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

This cute and petite dog is well suited to apartment living and is friendly to just everyone they meet. They are hypoallergenic and ensure less space, exercise and training. Keeping their hair cut short allows for minimal grooming.


7. Boxer

This is another short-haired breed that is known to be low maintenance. Weekly brushing keeps shedding to a minimum. Daily moderate exercise is required. Its short coat and minimal shedding reduces grooming time significantly.

8. Bulldog

This adorable and inactive breed is known to be very loyal and do well with children. They need minimal daily exercise as they'll tire out quickly. As well they require very little grooming because of their short fur.


9. Boston Terrier

This quiet and small canine is rather people friendly. A dignified demeanor adds to its charm. They have short fur and requires little grooming, and they also need less space and exercise.

10. Bichon Frise

This little white fluffball is loving and well mannered. It does need a regular brushing of the coat due to its thickness, but does not shed much. However, their exercise and training needs are not too onerous.


11. Greyhound

You might wonder how a racing dog would be good for a lazy owner. Actually, most Greyhounds are couch potatoes that enjoy loafing around with their owners. They are generally easy to handle and require very little grooming due to minimal shedding.

12. French Bulldog

This tiny pooch is true people dog and will keep you entertained for hours. Grooming requirements are minimal due to their short, soft coat and little shedding. They are easy to train and need moderate daily exercise because of their snub nose.