15 Adorably Odd-Looking Dogs to Ever Exist

1. Martha

With a sad droopy face like this, it seems that Martha couldn’t care less. However, it’s exactly his indifference that has won over people’s heart.


2. Pabst

Does a “bitter beer face” ring a bell when you first see Pabst? Because that’s how he got his name. Once you lay your eyes on him, you just can’t move them away.


3. Wally

Wally looks like he’s got parts from different animals, and he’s not happy about that. However, a dog in a not-so-dog appearance is cute enough in its own special way.


4. Icky

Contrary to what his name might suggest, Icky gets a lot of love for his pig snout and innocent hairy face.


5. Tuna

If Mr. Burns needs a stunt double on The Simpsons, this little guy is a dead ringer.


6. Bully

The way he walks and the stern look on his face make Bully look like he’s up to no good. We love him the way he is though.


7. Peanut

No matter how hard Peanut tries to give you a big smile, he just reminds you of the famous villain, Cruella De Vil, from the famous Disney movie 101 Dalmatians.


8. Reggie

Reggie, who looks like he has a head of a goat and a body of a horse, walks confidently with piercing eyes that seem to see right through you.


9.  Elwood

Elwood is cool about being referred to as Yoda, or E.T., for his resemblance to the famous science-fiction characters.


10. Princess Abby

Abby may look like she’s taking a bow, but her hind legs are actually taller than her front legs due to being inbred. She just leaves it behind her, though, to give you a cute smile.


11. Gus

Don’t you find it encouraging that Gus still smiles to life after he lost one leg to cancer and an eye to a cat. His existence and spirit have brought hope to people from all over.


12. Moe

Hairy Moe casually shows off his confidence by demonstrating his considerable disdain for all those who can’t compete with his tongue.


13. Penny

This extremely long tongue sticking out of his mouth makes Penny look tired all the time, and also weirdly cute.


14. Sweepee Rambo

Some say this is a face only a mother could love, but we think he looks like a rocker, and is rocking this look!


15. Yoda

Yoda is what a dog elf would look like. The big elf ears on his tiny body make us wonder what kind of things they are hearing.

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