15 Surprising Stars You Have No Idea Are Muslim

Undoubtedly, almost everyone is obsessed with celebrities, and we're eager to know them in every aspect. Today we're going to shock you with these 15 celebs that you never know are Muslim.


1. Mike Tyson

Many Tyson fans know he is a champion boxer, has an odd tattoo on his face and has a tiger as a pet. But most of you don't know that he converted to Islam in 1992 when he was imprisoned on rape charges.


2. Dave Chappelle

The actor and comedian converted to Islam in 1998. He once tried to go on Hajj but only ended up in Turkey because he wasn't approved a Visa by the KSA.


3. Jemima Khan

This super British model had converted to Islam before she married Imran Khan. Though they finally divorced, Jemima remains a faithful Muslim.


4. Jermaine Jackson

In 1989, Jermaine the least known of the Jackson siblings converted to Islam after a trip to Bahrain. He married an Afghan woman and turned into a faithful Muslim.


5. Shaquille O'neal

Shaquille O'Neil though widely known as an excellent basketball player is rarely known as a Muslim. In 2010 when he intended to go on Hajj, he unveiled his faith publicly in a YouTube video.


6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem has such a profound faith in Islam that he learned Arabic and even visited Lebanon and Saudi Arabia to deepen his understanding of the faith.


7. Ice Cube

Ice Cube converted to Islam when he was just coming on to the rap scene in the early 90s. He is serious about his faith and wrote, "I mean, what I call myself is a natural Muslim, 'cause it's just me and God.'"


8. Busta Rhymes

The famous rapper also converted to Islam. His song "Arab Money" once caused him a lot of trouble as it was downright flippant in the eyes of Muslims.


9. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson converted to Islam after marrying her third husband, Wissam Al Mana. She spends much of her time in Qatar being a doting wife.


10. Mikal Safiyullah

The hip-hop artist speaks publicly about his faith in Islam in songs such as "Before Mecca" and "Hajji" on his album Directrix.


11. Craig Hodges

Craig Hodges is another basketball player who converted to Islam. His faith in Islam has turned him into one of the most outspoken advocates for minority communities' rights in the U.S.


12. Ellen Burstyn

This famous film star converted to Islam as early as in her 30s. She once described herself as "a spirit opening to the truth."


13. Snoop Dogg

The rapper, born Calvin Broadus, converted to Islam in 2009. However, he has a tendency of changing his religion and has converted to the Rastafari movement.


14. Cat Stevens

This famous singer publicly converted to Islam in 1977 and took the name Yusuf Islam one year later.


15. Mohammed Ali

The boxing legend was one of the earliest high-profile American that convert to Islam. He joined the "Black Muslims" and has paid more attention to his religion than his boxing skills ever since.


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