16 Celebrities You Don't Know Have Surprisingly High IQs

Many celebrities seem not so intelligent in their roles on TV but don't be cheated by their looks. In fact, many of them are sparklingly smart. Here're 16 celebs you don't know have very high IQs.


1. James Franco - 130 IQ

This "Spiderman 3" star's IQ is reportedly 130. It's easy to see why: he's addicted to higher education. At UCLA, he received special permission to take on 62 credits per term, three times more than normal.


2. Cindy Crawford - 154 IQ

Cindy is known for having one of the highest IQs in the modeling world at 154. She's honored with an academic scholarship from Northwestern University where she majored in chemical engineering.


3. Steve Martin - 142 IQ

The comedian has been known to poke fun at his own intelligence. Still, his IQ has been estimated to be 142. Steve majored in Philosophy at California State University before transferring to UCLA.


4. Kate Beckinsale - 132 IQ

While Kate was being cast in her first film role, she's also continued her studies of Modern Languages at Oxford University. This young beauty is fluent in French, Russian and German.


5. James Woods - 184 IQ

Woods is extremely intelligent with an IQ of 184. He's up there with some of the smartest people in history, such as Albert Einstein (160 IQ), Galileo Galilei (182 IQ) and Sir Isaac Newton (190 IQ).


6. Ke$Ha - 140 IQ

Despite dropping out of high school at 17, Ke$ha had a near perfect score of 1500 on her SATs. This singing star has an IQ of 140, well above the average IQ of 85-115.


7. David Duchovny - 147 IQ

This good looking actor graduated with a BA in English Literature from Princeton University. Later, David went on to receive a Master of Arts from Yale again in English Literature.


8. Aisha Tyler - 156 IQ

Aisha graduated in environmental policy from Dartmouth College. With an IQ of 156, this television star hosted many successful shows including "CSI," "24," "MADtv" and "Friends."


9. Dolph Lundgren - 160 IQ

Lundgren graduated from high school with straight As. At college, he made time to study the art of karate and win multiple competitive tournaments. He's also awarded a Fullbright Scholarship to MIT in 1983.


10. Conan O'Brien - 160 IQ

At Brookline High, O'Brien won a writing contest from the National Council of Teachers of English. Before starting his entertainment career, he attended Harvard University, studying history and literature.


11. Nolan Gould - 150 IQ

Nolan may play a dim-witted yet lovable character on TV, but he's auctually very smart with an IQ of 150. Gould graduated high school at 13 and was accepted by Mensa International.


12. Tommy Lee Jones - 135 IQ

Jones attended St. Mark's School of Texas on a scholarship. Then he went on to study at Harvard University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1969.


13. Alicia Keys - 154 IQ

Alicia is gifted musically and intellectually. She wrote her first song at 14 and was accepted by PPASM at 12. After graduation, she attended Columbia University on a full scholarship.


14. Natalie Portman - 140 IQ

This beautiful actress has always put her education ahead of her acting career, saying "I don't care if (college) ruins my career" and "I'd rather be smart than a movie star."


15. Rowan Atkinson - 178 IQ

Best known for his stupid but lovable character Mr. Bean, Rowan is actually very smart with an IQ of 178. He received a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from The Queen's College.


16. Lisa Kudrow - 160 IQ

Kudrow played a ditsy blonde as Phoebe on "Friends" and a waitress on "Mad About You," but that couldn't be further from the truth as she has an IQ of 160.