17 Of The Most Cringeworthy Wedding Dresses Ever Made

Before a wedding, couples have a lot to plan, and the most important part is arguably the wedding dress. While some wedding dresses are a bit over-the-top, the dresses below have to be the all-time most bizarre things ever worn by a bride to be.


1. Peacock Wedding Dress

We don't know what's worse, the sheer tackiness of the dress, or the $1.5-million price tag.


2. Condom Wedding Dress

Nothing sexier than a bride who smells of latex. At least the honeymoon won't result in any unexpected babies!


3. Sheep's Wool Wedding Dress

This award-winning sheep breeder decided to get married in a fleece from her own flock.


4. Balloon Wedding Dress

It's incredibly touching that the wife of a professional clown agreed to wear an all-balloon wedding gown.


5. Head-to-Toe Crocheted Wedding Dress

Inspired by the classic Russian stacking dolls, Yves Saint Laurent designed this dress for the bride who thinks that "moving" and "gesturing" are overrated.


6. Wedding Cake Wedding Dress

The cake and the dress are the 2 most important things, so why not put them together! Designed by Lukka Sigurdardottir, this wedding dress is both practical and delicious!


7. Crazy Person Wedding Dress

It looked so much smaller when she bought it!


8. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

The dress takes unique and gorgeous to a whole new level. Hope the bride didn't make rapid movements and ruin the fragile material of this dress.


9. Donut Hole Wedding Dress

She walks around the reception hall as the guests pick donut holes off of her one at a time!


10. Light-up Wedding Dress

Believe it or not, this is actually becoming a "thing." More and more brides are attaching light up accessories to their dresses.


11. Octopus Wedding Dress

Who hasn't dreamed about marrying an octopus. It looks like this bride is the ultimate "Little Mermaid" fanatic.


12. Flame Wedding Dress

The dress is on fire! We don't need any water because the flames are actually just painted onto the white wedding gown.


13. Newspaper Wedding Dress

For the bride who likes to know what's going on in the world.


14. Honey Boo Boo Wedding Dress

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! Future brides could definitely use a few tips from Honey Boo Boo's experience.


15. Japanese Inspiration Wedding Dress

No matter how unordinary these wedding outfits are, no one can judge these two because they look so in love with each other.


16. Upcycled Wedding Dress

The dress made out of the recycled material definitely raised awareness of all the recycling issues worldwide.


17. Not A Real Wedding Dress

If you thought this was another unique wedding dress, you got it wrong. This happy couple are wearing body paint.

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