19 Female Celebrities That Don't Show Their Age

Aging matters for women, especially for female celebrities. Some turn to drastic measures to stay young and pretty. However, these 19 female celebrities stay elegant even as they age naturally.


1. Rene Russo - 61

Though 61 years old, Rene Russo could probably convince someone she's still in her 30s. Perhaps she's found the Fountain of Youth, and kept it to herself.


2. Ellen Degeneres - 57

Few people would imagine that ElIen is 57. Her mentality and personality keep her young. She loves life, loves helping people and loves just being happy.


3. Jane Fonda - 77

Few could claim that Jane doesn't look great even at 77. She looks fit, youthful and is still beautiful. She's learned to live in moderation and enjoy life. Happiness and health look good on her.


4. Raquel Welch - 74

Raquel Welch looks good - almost too good. There's no denying that she must have had something done, because seriously, no one looks this good at 74.


5. Christie Brinkley -61

It's hard not to hate Christie because she still looks unbelievably gorgeous at the ripe old age of 61. She swears she's had nothing done, but you can be the judge as to whether her look at 61 is natural.


6. Helen Mirren - 69

At 69, Helen Mirren still looks fantastic. She looks even more amazing and stunning when you consider the fact that she hasn't had any plastic surgery.


7. Geena Davis - 58

Geena Davis looks exactly the same now at 58 as she did in Beetlejuice. She must be a ghost still playing as an actor, with just a few small wrinkles thrown in for show.


8. Sigourney Weaver - 65

There is little doubt that Sigourney still looks great for being 65, and she doesn't try to cover up those laugh lines because she's "earned them." Her secret to looking young is just skin care and exercise.


9. Susan Lucci - 68

At 68, Susan could probably still convince people she's only in her 40s. Granted, a great deal of this can be attributed to some Botox and a few other interventions.


10. Kim Cattrall - 60

This "Sex and the City" star is embracing aging and says that she considers 60 to still be young and that she doesn't feel like she looks 60.


11. Emma Thompson - 56

Emma Thompson says she has no desire to try and look 30 when she's 60, and she just wants to age naturally. With that attitude, it's no wonder that she still looks great even at 56.


12. Julianne Moore - 54

Julianne Moore is a great example of how one can look older, but still be elegant and beautiful. She doesn't believe in Botox. Her ability to embrace aging is the definition of aging gracefully.


13. Jamie Lee Curtis - 56

Aging gracefully isn't just about looking young longer than others, but about still being beautiful even as you age. Jamie won't Photoshop her images in order to embrace the changes coming with age.


14. Sharon Stone - 56

It really looks like Sharon hasn't aged in years. Despite the fact that she's had some help to stay young, she still leaves a few wrinkles and keeps her face looking natural.


15. Andie Macdowell - 56

Andie MacDowell, at 56, still has a way of drawing people to her unique beauty. She can stand next to younger women on the red carpet and yet she's still the one you want to talk to.


16. Meryl Streep - 64

At 64, no one can say that Meryl Streep still looks young. However, it is her beautiful smile that truly makes her ageless.


17. Michelle Pfeiffer - 57

The 56-year-old finds something liberating about aging. She's definitely embraced her age, saying that: "Since everyone knows I'm 57, I don't have to worry about trying to look like I'm not 57."


18. Betty White - 93

At 93, Betty White still moves, laughs and acts just as she's done her entire life, and that seems to be what keeps her young. She says that age isn't important, and it's all about where your head is.


19. Angela Bassett - 56

At 56, Angela truly looks as if she stopped aging at 40. With few wrinkles to be seen and the same flawless skin, there are few people who would guess that she is nearing 60.


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