25 Brilliant People Who Died In 2016

It's natural that people come and go. But still, it's a great pity we had to say goodbye to many talented people in 2016. Click through to find out who has left the world in 2016.


1. David Bowie: Jan. 8, 1947 - Jan. 10, 2016

David Bowie died after an 18 - month battle with cancer. He has been an influential musician, actor, and artist for the last four decades.


2. Alan Rickman: Feb. 21, 1946 - Jan. 14, 2016

Alan Rickman died from cancer at the age of 69. He is most known as Professor Snape in Harry Potter series.


3. Glenn Frey: Nov. 6, 1948 - Jan. 18, 2016

Glenn Frey died at age 67 after suffering complications from multiple ailments. He is a founding member of the Eagles rock band.


4. Maurice White: Dec. 19, 1941 - Feb. 4, 2016

Maurice White died in his sleep from the effects of Parkinson's disease at age 74. He's a singer - songwriter and founding member of the group Earth, Wind, & Fire.


5. Dave Mirra: April 4, 1974 - Feb. 4, 2016

Dave Mirra was found dead in a truck after apparently shooting himself at age 41. He's a legendary BMX rider with most X Games medals until 2013.


6. George Kennedy: Actor (Feb. 18, 1925 - Feb. 28, 2016)

George Kennedy died at age 91 from old age and health issues. He's known for playing cops, soldiers, and blue - collar authority figures in films like Airport and Naked Gun.


7. Nancy Reagan: Actress and 40th first lady of the United States

Nancy Reagan died at age 94 from congestive heart failure. She's the former first lady of the United States and the widow of former President Ronald Reagan.


8. Harper Lee: April 28, 1926 - Feb. 19, 2016

Harper Lee died in her sleep at age 89. She's the author of To Kill A Mockingbird, a book which explores racism and prejudice in the Deep South.


9. Garry Shandling: Nov. 29, 1949 - March 24, 2016

Garry Shandling died from a medical emergency at age 66. He's best known for The Larry Sanders Show and the 1986 Showtime sitcom It's Garry Shandling's Show.


10. Doris Roberts: Nov. 4, 1925 - April 17, 2016

Doris Roberts died peacefully in her sleep of natural causes at age 90. She's best known for playing Marie Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond from 1996 to 2005.


11. Prince: June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016

Prince died at age 57, and the cause of death is unknown. He's a legendary pop musician and pioneer who maintained a broad cultural impact for over three decades.


12. Muhammad Ali: Jan. 17, 1942 - June 3, 2016

Muhammad Ali died at age 74 after a 32-year-battle with Parkinson's disease. This 20th-century icon is a three-time World Heavyweight Champion.


13. Anton Yelchin: March 11, 1989 - June 19, 2016

Anton Yelchin died from a fatal traffic collision at age 27. He's most famous for playing Chekov in the rebooted Star Trek movie series.


14. Pat Summitt: June 14, 1952 - June 28, 2016

Pat Summitt died at age 64 after a battle with early onset Alzheimer's disease. She's best known as holding the record as the winningest coach in NCAA Division-1 basketball history.


15. Elie Wiesel: Sept. 30, 1928 - July 2, 2016

Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate, died at age 87. He's most known for Night, a book that chronicled his experiences as a teenage at a Nazi German concentration camp.


16. Kenny Baker: Aug. 24, 1934 - Aug. 13, 2016

Baker died at age 81 after several years of illness. Baker is the man inside Star Wars' R2 - D2, portraying the droid in the original trilogy as well as the three prequels.


17. Gene Wilder: June 11, 1933 - Aug. 29, 2016

Gene Wilder died from complications of Alzheimer's disease at age 83. He's best known for his portrayal of Willy Wonka in the film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.


18. Arnold Palmer: Sept. 10, 1929 - Sept. 25, 2016

Arnold Palmer died from heart attack at age 87. Known as The King, Palmer was one of the most successful golfers on the course.


19. Jose Fernandez: July 31, 1992 - Sept. 25, 2016

Jose Fernandez died from a boating accident at age 24. He's a professional baseball pitcher for Miami Marlins.


20. Leonard Cohen: Sept. 21, 1934 - Nov. 7, 2016

Leonard Cohen died at 82, and the cause of death is yet unknown. He's a Canadian performer who left a heavy mark on popular music starting in the 1960s, through Hallelujah to a final Darker album.


21. Robert Vaughn: Nov. 22, 1932 - Nov. 11, 2016

Robert Vaughn died from acute leukemia at age 83. He's most famous for the portrayal of Napoleon Solo in The Man From U.N.C.L.E


22. John Glenn: July 18, 1921 - Dec. 8, 2016

John Glenn died at age 95. He's the first American to orbit the Earth, on the Friendship 7 mission in 1962.


23. Alan Thicke: March 1, 1947 - Dec. 13, 2016

Alan Thicke died of a heart attack at age 69. He's the TV dad of Growing Pains.


24. Carrie Fisher: Oct. 21, 1956 - Dec. 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher died from cardiac arrest at age 60. She's most famous for her role of Princess Leia in Star Wars.


25. Debbie Reynolds: April 1, 1932- Dec. 28, 2016

Debbie Reynolds died one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher at age 84. Debbie is most famous for her performances in Singing In The Rain and The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

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