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7 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Sleep With Your Dog

Is it good or bad to have your dog sleep with you? Dog owners have different opinions on the issue. But research shows that there are many advantages to letting your dog curl up in bed with you.


1. They Give You Comfort

Sleeping in the vicinity of a beloved dog brings a sense of comfort, and when they snuggle up with you it puts you in a better mood before drifting off to sleep.


2. They Help You Fall Asleep

A dog reduces stress, calms you down and gives you a feeling of safety. All these things combined make it easier for you to sleep.


3. They Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A pooch's company is a great stress reliever. Their positive outlook seems to be contagious, and their attentive nature can be very reassuring.


4. They Provide Warmth

Dogs like to curl up and be close. During the cold winter months it's wonderful to have a little extra warmth in bed.


5. They Help Fight Depression

Dogs give unconditional love. For people who suffer from depression, their dog's company can make them feel better.


6. They Make You Feel Safe

With another person at your side, you'll feel safer. When your dog sleeps next to you, it can provide as much security as a partner.


7. They Get just Much Out of It

As well as you, your dog benefits from this sleeping arrangement, too. No one else in the world loves your dog as much as you, so snuggling next to them will, in turn, brighten your dog's life.

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