Take A Peek Inside Serena Williams' $12 Million Bel Air Mansion

Serena Williams, the world's highest-paid tennis player with a net worth of around $180 million, recently sold her 13-year home in Bel Air for $8.1 million. Although she didn't sell her house for $12 million, the price she had originally asked, it is still a win since she bought it for $6.62 million. So what does it look like? Rean on to find out!

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1. Fit For A Champion

This 6,101-square-foot mansion was built in 1935 and covers more than 2.7 acres of land. It is one of the largest properties in the Stone Canyon area of Bel Air, boasting 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a souped-up salon, a large swimming pool, and private hiking trails through lush green surroundings.

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2. Super-Secluded

The house is hidden behind high hedges, making it hard to be seen from the road. For Serena, her husband Alexis Ohanian, the Reddit co-founder, and their daughter Alexis Olympia Jr., it was a perfect retreat over the past decade.

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3. Living Room

This large circular living room is the perfect place to host friends and family. It is furnished with a large leather sofa and plush velvet armchairs, as well as a piano by the window. With floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, the room has plenty of natural light.


4. Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has drum pendant chandelier and deep tray ceiling, along with spacious walk-in closets. A TV is facing the bed, perfect for watching a tennis game. French doors that lead to the outside bathe the room in natural light.


5. Master Bathroom

Serena's now-former home has 7 bathrooms, including this master suite. It comes with a marble bathroom, a cushioned sitting area, and a dressing area in addition to a freestanding tub. Perhaps the biggest highlight is the tub, which features gold feet and taps.


6. Cooking Up A Storm

The spacious kitchen, where Serena cooked romantic dinners for her husband Alexis, sports modern appliances like a stainless steel fridge-freezer and double oven. Cherry-colored wooden cupboards with gold hardware line the walls, and marble countertops and splashbacks add the perfect finishing touches.


7. A Meal With Champion

The simple yet elegant dining room features an ornate chandelier hanging over the table and glass doors that offer views out onto the garden. A total of eight guests can join Serena and Alexis for dinner.


8. Work Out At Home

It is no strange that the world-class athlete owns a fully-equipped gym in her house. The gym features both cardio equipment and weights for her to continue her training off the court. While the property doesn't have a tennis court, we can understand that Serena needs a break from her work.


9. Salon

One of the most distinct aspects of the house is its beauty salon. It's kitted out with hair washing stations, TVs, and red chandeliers that coordinate with the chairs. While getting a blowout, you won't miss your favorite shows.


10. Dream Dressing Room

This beautiful dressing room includes 1 luxury lighting, 2 massive floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and 2 master closets. It also has multiple sitting areas.


11. Guests Welcome

Each of the six bedrooms is individually decorated, with this guest space accommodating two queen beds, a dresser, and a wardrobe.


12. Another Guest Room

This guest room is decorated in muted neutral tones, featuring ornate carved wooden cabinets, a patterned armchair, and a statement light fixture.


13. Home Office

There is also a wood-paneled office space which features mirrored bookcases and a large stone desk.


14. The Bar

The party-loving couple even has a fully stocked bar at their former Bel Air home.


15. The Wardrobe

The house will suit a glamorous new owner as it is equipped with space to store a very extensive wardrobe.


16. Swimming Pool

Outside, the house boasts a large outdoor swimming pool, patio, and cabana with an al fresco dining area at the end.


17. The Courtyard

In the vast courtyard, an arched walkway runs parallelly to the manicured lawn, and private hiking trails traverse the estate.


18. Where Is Serena Living Now

Since listing the property for sale, Serena, Ohanian, and their one-year-old daughter Alex have moved into a $6.68 million Beverly Hills mansion. The 0.25-acre home has quite a different style from the Bel Air house. Moreover, there is something strange about their new residence. Just scroll down to find out.


19. Living Room

The 6,000-square-foot Spanish-style mansion is bright and airy with minimalist decoration. After opening the door on the ground floor, we can see two formal living rooms on each side.


20. Charming Master Room

There are a total of five bedrooms in this house. The expansive master bedroom has a large fireplace and floor-to-ceiling doors opening to the balcony. Standing on the balcony, Serena can enjoy beautiful sceneries of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley while breathing fresh air.


21. Dream Kitchen

The spacious kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. At the center of it is a double-wide island with a Bianco Bella polished marble countertop.


22. Time To Dine

Next to the kitchen is the dining room. An innovative spherical chandelier hangs over the table. Six guests can join Serena and Alexis for dinner.


23. Relaxation

A lower-level bonus room has ample space for entertaining.


24. Cheers!

The entertainment space contains a black-marble-topped wet bar backed by a glass-fronted walk-in wine cellar.


25. Master Bathroom

You can find seven bathrooms in this house. The master bathroom has unvarnished brass finishes, which are durable and a feature of the California Mediterranean revival homes. Several windows offer unparalleled views.


26. Secondary Bathroom

The secondary bathroom has a Moroccan vibe with encaustic tiles.


27. Lounge Away

We bet Serena sometimes kills time by watching TV here.


28. Just Relax!

This large home has plenty of spots for relaxation, including here.


29. Guests Welcome

The five bedrooms are decorated differently, with this guest space featuring retro wooden bed and cabinets.


30. Be Her Guest

In sharp contrast to the last guest room with retro style, this one radiates modern comfort.


31. Office Room

The large painting on the office room wall is really eye-catching.


32. Dressing Room

The dressing room looks relatively modest.


33. Backyard

Strangely, there is no tennis court in this tennis superstar's backyard. But the grassy yard does have a built-in Wolf BBQ and a Baja swimming pool. We have a feeling that there will be many guests eager to drop by.


34. Swimming Pool

The pool fits nicely on the quarter acre lot. It's adjacent to the terrace and plant-covered hillside behind the house.


35. A Haven For Celebrity Families

The house is located in the exclusive Summit Estates, Beverly Hills, which is a popular haven for celebrities to raise their children safely. It was once home to stars like Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani.

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