Brilliant Engineering

People’s ability to create is infinite, you could never expect what engineering they can invent. Check these hilarious photos of some 'brilliant' engineering.

1. DIY phone speakers

Brilliant Engineering_1

2. Desperate times…

Brilliant Engineering_2

3. Roommate punched a hole in his door, I fixed it.

Brilliant Engineering_3

4. This guy just printed out a headlight…

Brilliant Engineering_4

5. I can build a fender with slippers.

Brilliant Engineering_5

6. I think the shopping cart is made of BBQ wire mesh.

Brilliant Engineering_6

7. Two gel pens equal to a pair of chopsticks.

Brilliant Engineering_7

8. My dad’s solution when a control knob broke off in my car…

Brilliant Engineering_8

9. I got a new cooking tip.

Brilliant Engineering_9

10. Isn’t this much more environmentally friendly?

Brilliant Engineering_10

11. A new usage of coat hangers.

Brilliant Engineering_11

12. The designers are so talented…

Brilliant Engineering_12

13. Never drop a book in the bath again

Brilliant Engineering_13

14. Packaging tapes are so powerful that they can fix everything.

Brilliant Engineering_14

15. What if we combine a chair and a sofa…

Brilliant Engineering_15

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