Funny Optical Illusions

Sometimes we may find it funny to take photos from certain angles since this will accidentally create optical illusions. The visual illusions can be seen not only in science classes or special museums but also in our daily life. Here are the 20 best examples.

1. Mom with Tiny Arms

Funny Optical Illusions_1

2. A Live Concert Filled with Cotton and its Pickers

Funny Optical Illusions_2

3. An athletic squirrel is attempting to break into the car.

Funny Optical Illusions_3

4. The pigeons are finding their cars.

Funny Optical Illusions_4

5. The universe is on your car roof.

Funny Optical Illusions_5

6. Cerberus’s Little Brother

Funny Optical Illusions_6

7. A Long Log Dog

Funny Optical Illusions_7

8. An Ice Tornado

Funny Optical Illusions_8

9. Whose Legs?

Funny Optical Illusions_9

10. Strong Upper Body but...

Funny Optical Illusions_10

11. Human-Dog Hybrid

Funny Optical Illusions_11

12. He has such an attractive body.

Funny Optical Illusions_12

13. Rarely Seen Stork-plane

Funny Optical Illusions_13

14. A Human with a Llama Head

Funny Optical Illusions_14

15. Two-faced Man

Funny Optical Illusions_15

16. Wow, a transparent bull!

Funny Optical Illusions_16

17. Is the cruise ship not sailing on the water?

Funny Optical Illusions_17

18. The Modern Flying Carpet

Funny Optical Illusions_18

19. Where’s the camel’s body?

Funny Optical Illusions_19

20. Female Centaur?

Funny Optical Illusions_20

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