Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion

Will Smith is a Hollywood A-lister who has raked in around $300 million over the last three decades. He and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, as well as their kids Willow and Jaden, live in a $42 million mansion in Calabasas, Los Angeles. Although the family’s public persona is incredibly showy and trendy, their house has quite a different style. Let’s take a peek inside!

1. A Gigantic Castle

The Fresh Prince and his family moved into this super-spectacular castle in 2004 after a seven-year building process. The residence, designed by architect Stephen Samuelson, spans 25,000 square feet and sits on 150 acres of land. That's already impressive, but what's more impressive is the house even has its own ZIP code.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_1

2. Exterior

Wow! The Smiths' adobe-style mansion looks like something out of Disneyland! 

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_2

3. Stepping Into The House

The house has a grand entrance, featuring a carved wooden door that was salvaged from a fort in Northern India. A lavish Holly Hunt cowhide rug with an Edelman leather border graces the entrance. Next to the rug are two potted plants that give it an extra earthy look. The house looks so ordinary, but wait until you see the rest...

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_3

4. Living Room

The Smith's living room opens up on stunning views of the mountains, with a pair of Brazilian rosewood chairs (left) by Noho Modern and several other custom-made lounge sofas (right) upholstered in Rose Tarlow leather, all positioned on a beige silk rug by Hokanson. As an added extra, there's even an oversized sofa complete with throw pillows. We wonder which celebs have had the honor of being invited to lounge in such a cozy space?

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_4

5. Meditation Room

A sizeable furry cushion, a few patterned throw pillows, carefully arranged bookshelves, and even a cute cat companion (sometimes). Taken together they encourage a relaxing feel in the meditation room. Oh, did you notice that circular skylight? It makes the place perfect for stargazing on a quiet night.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_5

6. Master Bedroom

The estate has a total of nine bedrooms, but the true luxury here is in the small details. Will and Jada's bedroom boasts custom-made furniture and a one-of-a-kind bed with draped brass ball chains. The hand-knotted-silk rug is designed by Lance and made by Tai Ping.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_6

7. Master Bathroom

The eye-opening master bathroom features a shower surrounded by glittering pebbles. The opening on the left leads to a private terrace, where Will and Jade likely spend time together sipping coffee.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_7

8. Dressing Room

The room-size master closet comes with a built-in shelf and an oversized ottoman. A room like this is the dream of almost every girl.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_8

9. Jaden's Bedroom

Jaden lives in a rustic-inspired room that even contains a chair from his debut film The Pursuit of Happiness.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_9

10. Willow's Bedroom

Willow's bedroom is the epitome of how you’d imagine a princess suite to look. It features fresh touches, an iron four-poster draped with a patterned silk canopy, and a big walk-in closet with hollowed-out doors.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_10

11. The Kids' Bathroom

The bathroom is anything but conventional. A vintage Bruce Eicher chandelier from Dana John is suspended above the circular tub, and a buddha head statue is positioned beside the fireplace.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_11

12. Guest Bedroom

The ancient salt cedar latillas on the ceiling are really eye-catching! 

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_12

13. Entertainment Room

There’s never time for the kids and guests to become bored in the house. Inside, you’ll find many entertainment areas, including this pool room, which boasts an alder-wood billiard table with nailhead detailing and a ceiling beautifully decorated with a concentric circle pattern, which radiates with an artistic beauty.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_13

14. Live It Up

This screening room features a cushioned daybed suspended from the ceiling, comfortable upholstered club chairs, a classic wooden table, and Moroccan lanterns. Spending the night here must be a real treat!

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_14

15. Rock The World

Do you remember that Will Smith started out as a rapper and had previously won four Grammy Awards? With that in mind, it's perhaps not so unusual to find a recording studio in his home. It is even the place where Will's daughter Willow recorded her hit single "Whip My Hair."

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_15

16. Kitchen

When modern equipment meets antique cabinetry, every piece of this kitchen screams old-world charm.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_16

17. Breakfast Area

Huge windows in the breakfast area offer a breathtaking view of the lakeside gazebo.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_17

18. Lake Gazebo

Will calls the quiet lakeside gazebo his favorite spot in the entire house, saying, "Answers come to me out there."

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_18

19. Dining Room

For formal occasions, the family and guests dine at the custom-made table complete with walnut dining chairs and positioned on the wool and silk area rug from Woven Accents. The glimmering conical chandelier hanging overhead makes the hall all the more special.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_19

20. Hallway

The hallway is outfitted with black-and-white photography and sculptural furniture. Walking around here is much like visiting an art museum.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_20

21. Backyard

The backyard of the mansion is almost as impressive as the interior. The property has a basketball court, a volleyball court, a tennis court, three golf holes, a spacious garage, and of course a large pool.

Inside Will Smith's $42 Million Los Angeles Mansion_21

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