Oddly Shaped Vegetables

Do you like eating vegetables? Then, have you ever wondered about their shapes? Here are the photos of some oddly shaped vegetables, most of which look like humans and become so hilarious that they will make your day. Enjoy it!

1. We are furious!

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_1

2. Hey, how’s your day?

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_2

3. Red Butt

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_3

4. Disheveled Hair

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_4

5. A Yellow Duck

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_5

6. A Carrot and A White Radish in Their Bath

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_6

7. An eggplant is waiting for your hug.

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_7

8. What’s up?

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_8

9. A Couple of Carrots Cuddling up Together

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_9

10. An Eggplant With a Big Nose

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_10

11. It’s a terrible day...

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_11

12. Hahaha, you’re so hilarious!

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_12

13. A Dancing Carrot

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_13

14. A White Radish Running Away

Oddly Shaped Vegetables_14

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