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LittleFries pays much attention to keeping your private information safe. This statement is to explain the basic introduction of cookies and how your personal information is protected by us.

What are Cookies and why does LittleFries use them?

Cookies can be depicted as information data saved on your device and will be sent to our server when you browse LittleFries. The information we collect does not contain your private messages like name and email address. What we collect is about your browsing activities. For example, when you look through the content on our website, the information of your device, operating system, browsers, and how you use our website will be collected.

Cookies classification

Essential cookies

These cookies play the dominant role in the running of the LittleFries website, which is used to deliver the fundamental service to your device. If these cookies are blocked, it will influence your normal use of the website with high possibility.

Functionality cookies

These cookies save your browsing preferences, according to which we will make better browsing experiences for you in the future.

Analytics and Performance cookies

These cookies are used to observe and analyze what you do on the website, like what content you prefer, how long you have spent on it, and other statistical data. We will optimize our service based on this valuable information. The analytical tool used by us is Google Analytics, which is an easy-to-use tool helping us measure how you interact with our website. It is a free service provided by Google.

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies can provide customized ads for you based on your browsing activities. You can disable these cookies, but you can only see the non-personalized ads.

Third-party cookies

Some cookies sent to you are not delivered by our server but by our third-party partners. LittleFries has no right to check and control these cookies. Thus, we suggest that you check the detailed information about third-party cookies when you visit our website. Outbrain is one important third-party partner of our website, who is responsible for providing high-quality customized ads for you. The Privacy Policy of Outbrain can be found on

How to block cookies

If you insist on disabling cookies, you can go to the browser setting pages and follow the instruction to delete cookies. Just remind you that blocking cookies may impact some fundamental functions of our website.

Privacy Policy

This section elaborates on what information we collect from you, how we use it, and other issues. You are deemed as agreeing to this policy when they browse our website.

The information we collect

The information we collect just contains what you have done on our website rather than your private information. To be more specific, information like what content you look at, how long you stay on each page, and how many times each page has been looked through. We definitely need this information to improve our content and optimize our service for you.

How we use the information

After the collection of information, we do a systematic analysis to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the content on our website. This statistical feedback helps us modify the promotion strategy in the next stage.

Legal issue

We will not hesitate to disclose the information we collect if we are asked to do so by law. We will absolutely not reject any requirement dispatched by a law enforcement agency.

Property Claim

There is no affiliation between us and any trademark or logo displayed on our website, which means these symbols are only the properties of their respective owners.

Safety Concern

We proclaim that all content provided by us is completely secure, and there is no attached virus or cheat. Furthermore, the information we collect will not be shared with any other third party without your explicit permissions.

Policy change

This policy might be modified from time to time. How we deal with the information we collect will follow the Privacy Policy in effect when the information is used. You must obey any change of the Privacy Policy when first using our service after the modification of the Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

We are sincerely looking forward to your suggestions and fixing any problems with you. Please feel free to contact us. Email address: [email protected].

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