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Want Cute and Funny Guinea Pig Names? Here Are The Best Ever!

cute guinea pig names

Do you come home to the sound of squealing or wheeking from a roundish, cute critter hoping to score a romaine lettuce leaf or a carrot from you? If so, you are probably one of the Cavy Slaves just like me!
As a guinea pig owner, you may find giving it a good name a little difficult. I have compiled a list of the best guinea pig names and easy-to-use methods to make this matter a little easier. I’m sure you’re going to get much inspiration. Enjoy reading!

Popular Guinea Pig Names

Step aside dogs and cats, guinea pigs are cornering social media’s market. Have a look through these popular pet names and see if any appeal to you.


Booboo has been photographed wearing a variety of looks, including a knitted scarf, pink bunny ears and beautiful flowers garlands. She has been hailed the ‘world’s cutest guinea pig’ after her pictures attracted thousands of fans.
Her favorite hobbies include eating carrots, lying in her cage and posing in front of the camera.


Fuzzberta is a guinea pig who’s gained massive internet fame for getting dressed up as pop culture icons, trying on various professions. She is considered to be the cutest cosplayer among all the pets on Instagram.
“Her full name is Fuzzberta P. Jones. The P stands for Pikachu. It used to stand for ‘pee’ because every time we took her out of the cage, she’d pee herself and often on me,” her owner once said.


Ludwik, the naked guinea pig has gone from abandoned rescue animal to beloved pet and has won thousand of hearts with adorable Instagram snaps. His life is a real “from zero to hero” story.
Though he doesn’t look beautiful, he is insanely cute at what she does.

Guinea Pig Names Inspired By Celebrities

The latest trend in picking a good name for your guinea pig is to name it after the celebrities.
You can name your guinea pig after the celebrity he resembles, usually because of its hairstyle, sometimes for personality. People are likely to smile when hearing your calling its name. I have heard of Michelle Williams and Owen Wilson.


I have gathered a short list of funny names guaranteed to make you laugh!
· Oprah - for a guinea pig who deserves his own talk show.
· Shakespeare - to purr or not to purr?
· Donald Trump - for the guinea pig mogul turned presidential hopefully.
· Zuckerberg - Is your guinea pig’s face always red after he talks to the opposite sex?
Check out more guinea pig names from celebrities!

AdeleJim BarksonsSnarls Barkley
Bark WahlbergJudy SheindlinSpambot
Billie HowlidayKaty PawryTina Spay
Chuck NorrisMa BarkerQueen Elizabark
Jackie ChanPiss HardwickVera Fang
J.K. GrowlingRosa BarksWilliam Shakespaw

Guinea Pig Names Inspired By Fictional Characters

Naming your pet after a character in your favorite book, cartoon, TV series, or film is another great way to brainstorm a cute name. For example,

Linny is the protagonist of the Wonder Pets! Series.
On the one hand, she is a fearless leader, who will do anything to help a fellow creature in need. On the other hand, she is a good partner, who reminds her fellow creatures to value teamwork and trust.
Darwin, Blaster, Juarez And Speckles
These names are from Disney's G-Force, which is a spy-themed feature film starring a guinea pig cast and can be a good source for pet names. For a guinea pig that likes to be in command, Darwin is a good fit. There are also his fellow secret agents Blaster, Juarez and Speckles.

More guinea pig names from fictional characters:

Alice (Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland)Francie (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)Moriarty (On the Road)
Antonia (My Antonia)Gandalf (The Hobbit)Rhett (Gone With the Wind)
Babbitt (Babbitt)Jane (Jane Eyre)Scarlett (Gone with the Wind)
Caddie (The Sound and the Fury)Jo (Little Women)Scout (To Kill A Mockingbird)
Dabney (Delta Wedding)Lolita (Lolita)Simba (Lion King)
Edna (The Awakening)Milo (The Mask)Yoda (Star Wars)

Names Inspired By Guinea Pig Facts

We all know guinea pigs are cute loving animals, but they are much more awesome than that. There are so many interesting and surprising guinea pig facts that you probably didn’t know but can inspire you. So if you are stuck in naming your guinea pig, spend some time doing a little research.
The most amazing fact may be that giant guinea pigs once roamed the Earth. Scientists have found that the related ancestors of your cute little pet once stood nine feet tall and weighted around 1500 pounds. They were called the “Phoberomys Pattersoni”. However, enthusiasts have aptly nicknamed the giant, Guinea-zilla.
What do you think of Guinea-zilla as your guinea pig’s name?

Names inspired by guinea pig facts

Let Your Guinea Pig Help Decide

If you have thought of many good names and still don’t know which one to use, why not let your guinea pig “help” choose its name?
· Use index cards

Use index cards to let your guinea pig choose his name.

Write different names on a few index cards and place some guinea pig food on each card. The card that your guinea pig eats off first is the name he chooses! Easy, right?
· Call out names

Call out names

Stand behind your guinea pig and call out names you’ve gathered with 20-second pauses between each name. If your guinea pig comes to one of the names, then that might be the perfect one!
I hope you’ve learned some useful ideas regarding choosing a name for your guinea pig. Whatever you do to figure out the guinea pig’s name, have fun with it!

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