20 Biggest Dog Breeds That Would Be A Good Companion Not Just A Pet

Some people define giant dog breeds as those heavier than 100 pounds (45 kg). They’re often mild tempered, relaxed and quiet compared with small dogs. They can give a single woman a strong sense of security, bring children lots of fun to cuddle, protect the family home, be a good babysitter and finally make a perfect companion. These 20 large dog breeds should be the first choice for any prospective big dog owners!


1. Landseer

Height: 45-68 cm

Weight: 67-80 kg

The breed was named after the British painter Sir Edwin Henry Landseer because he created the painting in 1838, showing a dog of this breed. The Landseer is also known for its unusually sweet disposition, gentleness, and serenity. This large dog breed enjoys swimming and has been known to rescue drowning people.


2. Great Dane

Height: 71-86 cm

Weight: 45-90 kg

The Great Dane was native to Germany and is recognized as one of the tallest dog breeds. Zeus, the world record holder for the tallest dog is 111.8 cm (44 in) tall from paw to shoulder.


3. English Mastiff

Height: 70-91 cm  

Weight: 54-100 kg

English Mastiff descended from the ancient Alaunt and Pugnaces Britanniae. It holds the world record for the heaviest dog and can weigh up to as much as 250 pounds. Aicama Zorba, the record holder, weighs in at 343 pounds.


4. Newfoundland

Height: 63-74 cm  

Weight: 45-70 kg

Originally from Dominion of Newfoundland as a fisherman's helper. Newfoundland is good at water rescue due to its muscular build, thick double coat, webbed feet, and innate swimming abilities.


5. Tosa Inu

Height: 62-82 cm  

Weight: 36-61 kg

This breed started from the native Shikoku-Inu and was crossed with European dog breeds, St. Bernard, German Pointer, Great Dane and Bull Terrier over the years, resulting in a larger, more dominant dog.


6. Saint Bernard

Height: 65-90 cm  

Weight: 64-120 kg

Originally bred at the Great and Little St Bernard Pass for mountain rescue, and this has made the breed famous over the years. It is a great family dog due to its calmness, patience, and intimacy with children.


7. Leonberger

Height: 65-80 cm  

Weight: 41-75 kg

Leonberger derives from the city of Leonberg in Germany. They have the most loveable temperaments, are well socialized, trained, self-assured, insensitive to noise, submissive to family members, friendly towards children and well behaved with strangers etc, making them one of the better choices among giant breeds.


8. Dogo Argentino

Height: 35-45 cm  

Weight: 60-68 kg

This large, white, muscular dog developed in Argentina was used as a big-game hunting dog. It is suited for group environments, and gets along great with other pets, making it a perfect family member.


9. French mastiff

Height: 57-67 cm  

Weight: 54-65 kg

The French mastiff, also referred to as the Bordeaux mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux, is one of the most ancient French dog breeds. It has a broad, massive head as to be the largest head in the canine world, in proportion to the rest of the body. Unfortunately, these dogs are prone to numerous diseases, and their average lifespan is one of the shortest among all breeds, usually ranging around 5 to 6 years.


10. Irish Wolfhound

Height: 71-90 cm  

Weight: 48-82 kg

Developed in Ireland, this breed is the tallest of all dogs, including the Great Dane. It can be as tall as a donkey! Despite their threatening body shape, they are rarely found to be destructive in the house and are a good guardian due to their intelligence and loyalty.


11. Bernese mountain dog

Height: 58-70 cm  

Weight: 36-50 kg

The Bernese mountain dog was originally used as a farm dog in the Bern region of Switzerland. In 1937, the American Kennel Club recognized it. They tend to be docile, good-natured and self-assured, but they should be given training and well socialized too as soon as possible.


12. Cane Corso

Height: 58-70 cm  

Weight: 40-50 kg

The Cane Corso, also known as Italian Mastiff, is a large Italian breed of dog used as a companion, guard dog, and hunter. It is well muscled and less bulky than most other mastiff breeds, making it a "real athlete." They're not recommended for new owners because as a puppy, they require strong leadership and consistent training that a novice owner may struggle with.


13. Kuvasz

Height: 65-76 cm

Weight: 35-52 kg

Originally used for guarding livestock, the Kuvasz is a breed of ancient Hungarian dog. This white-coated breed is smart and intelligent and often has a clownish sense of humor. It must be lots of fun to cuddle such a big snow ball.


14. Kangal

Height: 72-86 cm  

Weight: 41-66 kg

The Kangal is a big dog breed that originated in Turkey. It is not as thick as some other mastiff breeds, making it faster and more agile than other larger dogs. Kangals can reach speeds of up to 50 km (30 miles) per hour. It is a great companion due to its calmness, independence, strength, protection, and discipline.


15. Bully Kutta

Height: 71-89 cm  

Weight: 70-90 kg

Also known as Pakistani Mastiff, the Bully Kutta is a descendant of the extinct Alaunt, an ancient dog breed that originated in present day Pakistan. New York Times best-selling author Greg Iles depicted this kind in his 2009 novel, The Devil's Punchbowl. As a guard dog, it is docile, friendly, and trainable.


16. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Height: 60-72 cm  

Weight: 50-70 kg

Developed in the Swiss Alps, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is heavy-boned with great physical strength but is still agile enough to be a guardian. It is sociable, active, calm and dignified, and loves being part of the family.


17. Akbash

Height: 69-86 cm  

Weight: 41-64 kg

Native to western Turkey and originally used as a guard dog, Akbash is also one of the national dog breeds of Turkey. They tend to be calm, discerning and independent. They will chase away a predator, or engage in physical combat if necessary but they won't chase livestock instead, they spend long hours lying with them.


18. Tibetan Mastiff

Height: 61-76 cm  

Weight: 34-73 kg

Originated with the nomadic cultures of Tibet, India, Mongolia, and Nepal, the Tibetan Mastiff was originally used to protect sheep. This dog is known for its loyalty, and it is recommended to keep it in a spacious, fenced yard with a canine companion instead of in a cramped apartment.


19. Anatolian Shepherd

Height: 71-81 cm  

Weight: 40-65 kg

The Anatolian Shepherd was originated in the Anatolia region of central Turkey. It is independent and forceful, responsible as a guardian, and these traits make it a challenging pet unless you socialize the dog whilst it’s still a puppy.


20. Boerboel

Height: 59-70 cm  

Weight: 50-90 kg

Known as The South African Mastiff, Boerboel originated in South Africa. It is an intelligent and energetic breed, friendly to kids and tends to be protective of its family and territory.

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