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5 Tips That Help You Easily Choose The Best Dog Name

Choosing the right name for your new dog is important and may prove challenging. It’s a blast searching through tons of dog names and brainstorming ideas. Here we offer you five fun and easy-to-use methods to help you find the best name!

dog names

1. Dog Names From Pop Culture

Dog Names From Pop Culture

Pop culture is fun, fascinating and everywhere. You’re immersed in it whenever you go online, listen to music, watch television, play games or go to the movies. If you're stuck on what to name your dog, you can certainly turn to pop culture for help. Here are some lists for reference.

Dog Names From Music


Dog Names From Film Or TV Characters

Terminator YodaDobbyKhaleesi

Dog Names From Popular Games

For the Pokemon fans who actually do have canines, the names Haunter, Skitty or Bayleaf are really good choices.

2. Dog Named After US Presidents

There have been 45 presidents in American history. A good way in salute them is naming your dog after one of these brilliant leaders. According to Pet Plan’s inquiry into presidential pet names, the following leaders inspired the most monikers:

Dog Named After US Presidents

Why not try naming your dog Trump? Maybe next year, that will be added to the above list.

3. Dog Names From Comic Books And The Urban Dictionary

Dog Names From Comic Books And The Urban Dictionary

Comic books and the urban dictionary can offer you a fun direction in finding a unique name.

KryptoSleepy Bear

4. Dog Names From Sports

Dog Names From Sports

If you’re a sports fan, you could think through the best players from your favorite team, your favorite sports, or sports history to see if anything works for you dog’s name. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

FenwayRed ZoneGriffeyTiger

5. Pay Attention To Your Dog’s Personality And Markings

Observe your dog for a few days and see if his character suggests a name. Such as, Espresso is for a pooch that’s a bit high strung, and Jazz is for the canine that’s more mellow, or likes that kind of music. For another example, is he regal? Does he always want to be the center of attention? If so, how about "Star" or "King"? After the observation you might come up with plenty of name ideas that fit your dog perfectly.

Pay Attention to Your Dog’s Personality and Markings

Congratulations, you have mastered various skills to make the best name for your dog. Once you finally chose a name for your pal, you can start training and talking to your friend, so he will quickly come to recognize his name. Remember, your pal is just waiting for your first calling.

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