Best Black Cat Names? Don’t Just Need Ideas But Knowledge!

The black cat has experienced a tougher time than other felines. Historically, it has been associated with witches, magic, bad luck, as well as good luck. No cats have received as much attention as the black ones. It deserves a good name to take away the superstitious prejudice.

Here is the right place for naming a black cat. We have the comprehensive name lists and ways of selecting a better name for the cat that will meet your needs.

black cat

Stories And Legends About The Black Cat You Want To Know!

In ancient times, most western cultures have viewed dark felines as evil omens, which originate with the belief that they were the familiars of witches. For example, the Pilgrim Fathers who settled in America viewed the black cat as demonic. Anyone who was caught with one was be severely punished. If the owner was female she might be put to death as a witch.

Stories And Legends About The Black Cat You Want To Know!

But some cultures think black cats bring good luck. In ancient Egypt they worshipped the protector goddess Bastet who was believed to protect the home.

Bastet was depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness, when the cats were kept as pets she appeared with the head of a cat. Keeping a black cat in the home was regarded as the best way of winning her blessing.
Besides, a Facebook group set up in the United States has nominated August 17 as Black Cat Appreciation Day.

Bastet was depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness, when the cats were kept as pets she appeared with the head of a cat.

Edgar Allan Poe, a famous 19th American writer, editor, and literary critic, has written a book called “The Black Cat” published on August 19, 1843. The short story mainly presented a black cat’s revenge on his evil owner.

The cat was named after the Roman god of the Underworld Pluto. He is brutally killed by his owner one day after his owner becomes an alcoholic. This man also killed his wife who stopped him killing animals. Pluto’s spirit made noises and helped the police find the corpse of sick man’s wife placed in the house wall at the end of the story.

The cat was named after the Roman god of the Underworld Pluto.

How To Get A Suitable Name For Your Black Cat?

Source One: Names From Fantasy Films

The black cat might have the power to protect you from bad things if you treat them well, but if you torture them, they won’t give up punishing you. Since a black cat was regarded as the most magical cats. Names from fantasy films will provide you with inspirations.

No.1 Bagheera

Bagheera is a large black panther in Rudyard Kipling's classic story, The Jungle Book. Bagheera succeeded to escape from captivity into the jungle for his freedom. He met a boy named Mowgli from a very young age and shared in many of Mowgli’s adventures as he grows until Mowgli grows up and must return to society.

No.2 Minerva McGonagall

Professor McGonagall is a transfiguration teacher from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series who can transform herself into a silver tabby cat.

No.3 Mrs. Norris

Mrs. Norris is the cat of Argus Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts School in Harry Potter. Mrs. Norris prowls the halls meowing whenever she finds a student misbehaving.

Mrs. Norris is the cat of Argus Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts School in Harry Potter.

Source Two: Names From The Things That Mean Black Or With Dark Features

No. 1 Raven

This is a popular name for girls with black hair. Ravens in folklore are often described as cunning and intelligent. It’s a great name for a cat with sleek black fur.

No. 2 Ebony

Ebony is used as a synonym for black. It’s an appropriate name for a black female cat. It can even be shortened to “Ebon” for a male cat.

No.3 Onyx

Onyx is a beautiful dark stone, thus can be used as a name for both male and female cats.


No.4 Ink

A funny and short name, you can also say inky. Especially if you are a writer, imagine that your cat is lying on a piece of paper you are using. You call him: “ Hey, ink (or black ink), please move!” I admire that you have such powerful ink!

No. 5 Thorne

Thorne is named after a famous 19th writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. He is the perfect person to name after a black cat, for his The House of Seven Gables is a fantastic book on the witch trials.


No. 6 Wayne

Batman is a superhero character created co-created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. He is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne. This caped crusader wears a lot of blacks, making a black cat a great name.

Source Three: Names From Black Creatures

BearPantherSoot Sprite

Source Four: Names From Fictional Stories

clover, the black cat

Source Five: Names From Words That Mean Lucky

Bad (or Good) GuyGezundheitWizard

Source Six: Names From Other Languages That Mean Black

Noir (French)Nyeusi (Swahili)Nero (Italian)
Negru (Romanian)Pango (Maori)Kuro (Japanese)
Schwarz (German)Siyah (Turkish)Svart (Icelandic)
Nero, the black cat

More Choices Are Here For You!

AbracadabraBlack OrchidEight BallMoon ShadowSalem
AlacazamBlack TopEvilMysticSatan
AshBlind SpotFateMorticiaShade
AshesCarbonGrimalkinMourning GloryShady Character
AshtonCoalHocus PocusNightmareSmudge
BatmanCoal DustImmortalNight RiderSoot
BlackamoorCrypt KeeperInk SpotObsidianSpooky
Black BartDarth VaderInkwellOmenSpot
Black BeautyDeathJetOnyxSuperstition
Black BeardDeadzoneLeStatPantherTarmac
Black CrowDirtballMagicPiewacketVoodoo
Black JackDuskMenacePoeWicca
Black MagicEbonyMidnightRavenWitchipoo
Black MagicEclipseMidnight RunnerSabrinaWizard

Rules For Selecting A Pet’s Name: (A Black Cat Should Also Follow)

Try to use “hard” consonants and vowels

Hard consonants, such as 'k,' 'd,' and 't' as they are easier to hear and distinguish than soft consonants such as 'f,' 's,' or 'm'. The same goes for vowels. Thus, names such as Katy, Deedee, and Tiger are more recognizable for your cat than Fern, Shana, or Merl.

Avoid names that sound like commands

Names like 'Rum,' 'Puff,' 'Joe' can end up sounding like 'come,' 'off,' or 'no!' that will mislead your cat. Cat can’t tell the meaning from the words but rely on ‘sounds like’ when communicating with us.

Names can be called out in public

It’s easy to understand to give your black cat a name that can be called out in public. If a cat’s name makes you awkward in public, you may reconsider it. After all it’s hard to promise never taking your cat outside.

Rules For Selecting A Pet’s Name

Keep the name short

In general, shorter names with one or two syllables will be easier for your pet to recognize than longer names.

Learn about the personality of your cat

Every name has its meaning; you can choose a suitable name for your black cat by matching up the personality of your cat with a similar meaning name.

Leave cat to choose its name

Call out the name you’ve chosen and see which one your cat will give a quick response, and that name will belong to your cat – a wise way? I guess!

Does your black cat have the magical power? Not yet. Right? Giving it a unique as well as a magical name may rouse its potential ability of using supernatural energy and you’d better prepare for becoming the loyal servant to him or her. Don’t panic, because you will enjoy such changes!

Leave cat to choose its name

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