Pregnant Woman Whose Dog Keeps Barking At Her Belly Gets Alarming News From The Doctor

Alhanna and her fiance Ricky was ecstatic when they learned Alhanna was pregnant. But their dog Akita suddenly acted strange and started constantly pawing at Alhanna's belly. At first, Alhanna ignored the pup's behavior, until she realized the terrifying reason behind it.

1. Dreaming Of Being Parents

Alhanna and her fiance Ricky had been trying to have a baby for some time. The couple were over the moon when they finally got the news that Alhanna was pregnant. They were excited to start a family, but their fury baby, an American Akita named Keola, didn't seem to agree...


2. Acting Strange

By the time Alhanna was around four months pregnant, the usually peaceful and snuggly pup suddenly began acting strange. She would whine and paw at Alhanna's belly for hours at a time. Keola even pressed her nose up against Alhanna's belly as if to try to get something out. At first, Alhanna didn't give the dog's odd behavior much thought. But she would soon realize that was a big mistake.


3. Business As Usual

Meanwhile, Alhanna truly enjoyed experiencing motherhood. She was lucky enough that her pregnancy went on without a hitch. Keola continued to act weird around Alhanna, and it became harder and harder to ignore Keola's strange behavior. However, the couple just assumed it was a phase...until something unthinkable happened.


4. Troubles Start

Alhanna's pregnancy was going along fine. However, in the 18th week of her pregnancy, Alhanna suddenly felt sharp pains in her lower back. It was so severe that she could hardly walk. Doubled over in pain, Alhanna worried about her unborn baby. So, Ricky rushed her to the hospital.


5. The Surprising Result

Oddly, doctors found nothing wrong with Alhanna and the baby. They told Alhanna that the pain was as a result of the growing baby putting stress on her body and that she just needed as much rest as possible. Relieved, the couple went home.


6. Hitting Up Social Media

Once Alhanna returned home, she jumped on Facebook and shared an update. She detailed that doctors had given her a clean bill of health despite the persistent pain, plus explained how her dog had been acting strange around her. Soon enough, many of her friends advised her to trust Keola's instinct and go back to the doctor.


7. Mother's Advice

After the symptoms didn't let up, Alhanna was starting to believe the Keola might be right. She doubted if Keola was trying to remind her something was wrong. When she was still hesitating whether or not to see a doctor again, her mother came over and urged her to get more tests. Alhanna agreed this time.


8. Keola Blocked Alhanna

The next morning, Alhanna decided to go to work first and then deal with the pain. But when she was about to head out the door in work clothes, Keola barricaded the door, stopping Alhanna from leaving. The dog jumped up and down and whined. While Alhanna was wondering what had gotten into Keola, she suddenly collapsed. Ricky heard the commotion and rushed Alhanna to the emergency room.


9. The Truth Surfaced

After a thorough examination, Alhanna was diagnosed with a double kidney infection. More than that, if she'd waited any longer, she and her baby could have died. It turned out that Keola had been trying to tell her mom that something was wrong the whole time.


10. Immediate Treatment

Close to death, Alhanna was immediately placed on a serious regimen of antibiotics. She received all the necessary care to reverse the damage to her kidneys. Thankfully, the treatment worked. Just a few weeks after her treatment ended, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Lincoln.


11. Love At First Sight

When Alhanna and Ricky brought little Lincoln home, Keola was instantly smitten with her new brother. It was almost as if she knew how Lincoln and Alhanna had survived the danger.


12. Gentle At Heart

Keola is a huge dog compared to their tiny baby. So naturally, the couple was worried that Keola might accidentally hurt their son. But after seeing the interaction between the two, they were completely relieved. Keola was always as gentle as she could be when she was with Lincoln.


13. Unique Bond

At first, the couple feared that Lincoln might be scared of the big dog. It turned out though that the baby wasn't frightened at all! He could even fall asleep while next to the dog. Meanwhile, Keola was always by Lincoln's side, whether Lincoln was napping, feeding, playing with toys inside, or taking a walk outside. It looked as if Keola thought the baby was one of her own pups!


14. Growing Up Together

It's apparent that Lincoln and Keola were best friends and they enjoyed each other's company. Lincoln was a pretty lucky guy to have such a faithful friend to grow up with. Before Alhanna and Ricky knew it, their baby had already turned one year old.


15. Heartfelt Thanks

Alhanna often looked back on her pregnancy, and she truly felt like Keola had saved her and her son's lives. She and her husband were so grateful for Keola's warnings and her companionship with Lincoln. But they never expected others would thank their dog too.


16. A True Hero

Keola's story went viral, and everyone believed Keola was a true hero. Keola was even nominated for an Animal Hero Award by the RSPCA. She attended the award ceremony with mom and dad where she received an award, and of course, lots of dog treats.


17. Can Dogs Really Tell When Something Is Wrong?

Keola's story has shown that your dogs do sometimes have a "sixth sense." They can feel something so subtle that we humans don't notice. This is no coincidence. Some dogs have 50 times as many scent receptors as humans, which makes their sense of smell nearly 100,000 times stronger than ours. So, they really can smell something is wrong.


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