After Adopting Triplets, There Was A Surprise Awaiting For The Couple

1. A Long Period Of Failure

Sarah and Andy Justice have tried so long to conceive a child, but they were disappointed again and again. After 3 years of struggling, they finally sought out a fertility specialist's help. However, no good news came.

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2. Little Chance Yet Huge Cost

After a series of medical tests, they received good news: their conditions were perfect for in-vitro fertilization treatment. Yet bad news came along: There is only a 10% chance of a successful pregnancy, and the process would cost a fortune.

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3. Another Idea

After carefully considering the input-output ratio, the couple decided not to have their biological children. However, it didn't mean that they had given up the idea of having a baby. What other ideas did they come up with?

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4. Adoption

Yes, the idea of adoption came to mind, and the Justices also considered newborns as their first choice for adoption. However, things just would not go quick and smooth. 

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5. Came To Nothing

Twice they were on the verge of becoming adoptive parents, but each time the birth mother changed her mind at the last minute. They even began to doubt themselves. Was there anything wrong with them?

Couple Adopts Triplets Right Before They Find Out They're Pregnant with  Twins

6. A Big Surprise Came.

Finally, when they were at their lowest, they received a call. One of their expectant mothers had accepted them as parents. They met with her again and even went with her to an ultrasound appointment. Everything appeared perfectly normal during the scan, but there was a big surprise that none of the three had expected: the woman was having triplets.


7. They Were Unprepared But Ready For The Challenge.

Instead of trying to break the agreement, the Justices decided to go ahead and accept all three babies. Sarah and Andy were about to become the proud parents of three beautiful newborns. It was not something they were initially prepared for.


8. The Triplets Were Born Premature.

In yet another twist of fate, the triplets, Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth, were born two months early. The tiny babies weighed only about 3 pounds each, meaning that they had to be kept in NICU for some time before they could go home with their new parents. While the couple waited, something happened to Sarah.


9. A Trip To The Doctor

One week after the triplets' birth, Sarah began to feel a bit under the weather. She wanted to make sure she was healthy by the time the babies came home, so she went through an extensive evaluation with her doctor. When the doctor came back with the results, Sarah could hardly believe it!


10. Sarah Got Pregnant

The doctor told Sarah that she was not sick, but in fact, she was pregnant...with twins! The Justices were, of course, shocked and even slightly overwhelmed by the news. But they had been longing for a family of their own for so long, they couldn't help but consider the unique situation as a true blessing. Soon they welcomed their biological twins into their home.


11. One Large Family

Obviously, raising five children all under one year old wasn't easy. The couple didn't sleep a whole lot in the first few months. Luckily, their friends, neighbors and parishioners all pitched in to help the new family of seven move on.


12. Facebook Celebs

The story of the Justice family soon went viral, and during the next three years they gained a huge Facebook following. The world was looking forward to updates about the babies' lives. Just as things were about to settle down, something else happened to the family.


13. Six Blessings

Sarah discovered she was pregnant again and welcomed their sixth child, a boy, in 2016. Although their lives had become consumed with babies, they both felt that it was a good thing. "It was something we've wanted so badly that we love it," said Sarah Justice. "We just really love having these children."


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