13 Facts About Living With A Small Dog

Many people think that a small dog as is a better pet choice because he is a lot cuter and easier to raise. But what they don't know is that living with a small one also has its own worries.


1. You're fed up with people who pick up your dog without your permission.


2. You worry about your poor puppy's life whenever children are around.


3. When you don't know where your dog is, chances are he's in a blind spot, trailing just behind your feet.


4. You feel like you deserve to go straight to hell every time you step on the dog.


5. You know that your precious puppy can walk up the stairs better than he/she can go back down.


6. Whenever your dog is near another medium-sized one, you think he's going to get eaten.


7. You know that size and the ability to take up space are not related.


8. Everyone calls your beloved dog "the rat."


9. But when you play together, you call it "monster" or "savage" without thinking twice.


10. In the winter, you worry your pint-sized best friend is going to freeze to death.


11. You find out your dog loves places that you don't even consider to be places.


12. You know how hard it is to find treats and toys suitable for your dog's size.


13. So he often ends up playing with a rope that's three times bigger than his entire body.


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