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The Touching Reason She Flew 6000 Miles To Bring This Stray Dog Home

Georgia Bradley, a 25-year-old student from Plymouth University in England, was on a beach alone in Crete, Greece, when two men approached her and asked her to go for a drink.
After she politely refused, one of the men grabbed her arm. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a small black dog ran over and stood by Georgia's side, barking at the assailants until they left.
"She saved me. She must have noticed something was wrong. When I went back to the apartment, she followed me and finally let us stroke her. We had an instant bond."

Georgia Bradley and Pepper

Every evening Bradley was able to see this little dog, whom she called Pepper later, wandering around the town alone, so she believed the dog must have been abandoned. She took Pepper to an animal shelter but was turned away. Soon it was time to fly home, Bradley had to leave Pepper behind.
"When we left to go to the airport, we looked back, and Pepper was running after the car. It was heartbreaking." Bradley recalled.


Bradley could not stop thinking about the brave rescuer upon returning home and decided to fly back to Greece to adopt her.
But finding Pepper again wasn't as easy as Bradley had hoped. It eventually took her several trips, totaling thousands of miles and pounds to find Pepper.
"It was a real risk because we may never have found her again,” Bradley admitted. "But when we saw Pepper on the beach, it was the best feeling ever."

The beach where Bradley found Pepper.

The beach where Bradley found Pepper.

Bradley had her microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated, and given a pet passport. After a mandatory 21-day quarantine, Pepper was allowed to travel to Britain. Bradley flew to Greece one more time and successfully brought Pepper back to her home. But the story doesn't end here…

Pepper had a further surprise for her new owner. A week after arriving at her new home, she gave birth to six lovely puppies.
"It has been such a crazy journey," Bradley said. "But I am over the moon. Pepper has settled in brilliantly."

Pepper gave birth to six lovely puppies.

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